We GET Students

Student Village has over 18 years of experience connecting brands and students. We help brands decipher students by immersing them on college and uncovering youth insights to understand this enigmatic market.

Access Millions of Students

We help big brands access millions of students at colleges nationwide.

Relevant Campaigns

Student Village creates hype and excitement for brands wanting to engage with students PLUS we provide measurable results providing tangible return on investment (ROI) after every campaign.



The work you do with us  helps to support & enrich students lives that need it most.

A portion of the money you spend goes towards employment, Scholarships and campus charities


Student Village has got solutions that will assist you in getting your product or company top of mind with students.


We recruit Influencers from our national network of students and train them to execute on behalf of your brand.

College Activations & Media

Student Village creates hype and excitement for brands wanting to engage with students whether they be promotions or sampling campaigns on colleges nationwide.

Social Media

We amplify your opportunities and company presence on social media. With a bespoke filtering algorithm, students are specifically targeted getting you hyper-effective results.

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30%+ Saving

Shared Model

Plugging in to the Student Village shared model, means you share the costs of the influencer programme with other complimentary brands.

Complimentary Brands

Influencers are matched to complimentary brands that enhance the value of your programme.


Influencers work on a maximum of 3 brands ensuring optimal efficacy

30% saving

Your brand can save up to 30% on the cost of your programme getting you more results for your Rupees.

Clients who our work